Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Established 1957

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Last information added to this page 30 July 2017

ARE YOU COMING TO THE ECLIPSE ??  If so, we need your help !!!
make sure you bring your 2-meter radio.
THIS INFO IS FOR OUT OF AREA HAMS                          Pocatello HAMS  CLICK HERE
The Pocatello Amateur Radio Club in cooperation  with the local law enforcement in our area
WILL BE Running a NET for safety, emergencies, general information about traffic flow, presuming we
have time (?)  giving general directions around Pocatello.
Our NCS will be N7PI,  please join us,  we will take check ins and road reports, so tune into the action !
we will also try to monitor our 147.060 repeater for traffic as well as 146.52 in the Pocatello area
We will have direct communication with the Pocatello , Bannock county and Idaho State Police,
All "out of area"  hams coming up I-15 into our area are requested to be mindful that we are operating
a safety and emergency net. This doesn't mean we are closing our repeaters to general QSO's , however
attempt to keep your QSO's short, and of course, emergency traffic has precedence.    

Our net will be operational from Sunday morning (20 Aug) to Tuesday midday.   Depending on Cell Outages.

The experts are expecting the Cell Telephone services to be either jammed or completely
non-functional for voice calls, at least sometimes during the eclipse,
(Only time will tell if they are correct).
However, PARC is taking this possibility seriously.

If the Cell systems are down,  YOU MOBILES will be very important

in reporting any kind of emergencies you might come upon. Whether that's on the road
or maybe in a parking lot, out in the field,  wherever,  if you see something that just
doesn't seem right, or you think needs attention, call it in to our net. We will forward your
report to the Emergency Operations Center.  Cell systems down? Ham Radio may become the eyes and ears for emergencies.

If the Cell system is up , we request you call 911 with emergencies , the 911 system routes
your call to services close to your location.

Pocatello/Chubbuck is a great place to have lunch or supper break, maybe we can
direct you to some LOCAL restaurants, rather than the big chains.  If your lost, call in for directions. 

Consider getting a paper map of our area,  in all likelihood, the mapping app on your smart phone or tablets will be NON-Functional,
bring supplies, lots of water.  Presume everything will go smoothly, but be prepared for delays ??, 
businesses, like gas stations may be overloaded  with customers...  
Once you go north of Pocatello,  things get a bit more limited,  Blackfoot has services too, but not as many as Pocatello.
Idaho Falls is expected to be overloaded ??   Arco and north are somewhat limited,            be advised :  be ready.

147.360 repeater  + split, 100 hz PL Main NET Frequency
147.060 repeater  + split, 100 hz PL
146.52 simplex in the Pocatello area
If you have APRS, have it switched on !

you might consider programming your radios before you leave home
heres a link for all Idaho Repeaters, 

This link will take you to the Pocatello City government site, with some other information   http://www.pocatello.us/eclipse

FIRE is one of the biggest concerns, 
your car's catalytic converter is VERY HOT,  pulling off the road into high dry grass is asking for problems.
if your in a field with hundreds of cars, a fire could really ruin your fun !  The black smoke from burning tires
and thousands of gallons of gasoline could BLOT out the main event,  The Eclipse...   
roads could be congested and fire trucks could take hours to get to you.

One word of caution,
Remember we are NOT law enforcement,
and should NOT presume to be. 



THIS INFO IS FOR PARC MEMBERS and all amateurs in our area......
keep your radio on, be prepared,  authorities aren't sure what to expect, getting around town may become a challenge, 
especially close to I-15 interchanges. you might want to make sure you have plenty of food in your house,  you probably
shouldn't plan to eat in a restaurant on Sunday or Monday, OR try to fill your tank with gasoline, whatever. 

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