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Test Schedule for 2019                                                                                                         

The next test is on Saturday      September 14,                   and  November 9.
all start at 1pm local time

We give tests for all 3 Amateur Classes: Technician, General, Extra.
special test sessions are available for large groups , contact Mike WB7DNU for details  email: mevaughn01(at)  -- Phone  (208) 904-4925


Location: Marshall Public Library - 113 S Garfield Ave, - Pocatello, ID
Testing starts at 1pm. Don't be late.. 
There will be VE's on hand starting at 12:45 PM to answer questions.
Please try to be on time as the testing room is only available for
a limited amount of time and we need to start promptly at 1PM sharp.

 how to get to the testing location ! 


No pre-registration is required
walk-ins are welcome
All we ask is:  be on time !

All necessary  FCC forms will be provided at the test session
We have EVERYTHING you need except what's listed below


  If you are testing for your first license, you NEED TO BRING  items  12 & 3. (below)
  If you are upgrading you license ,  bring  items  1 & 2 & 4 (below)

  If you have item 5 and haven't received your license.  CALL US.

 1.       A Government Photo Identification, A Drivers license, Passport, Military ID,
        note: no copies are required, just bring the original ID  

       IF you DON'T have a photo ID , then bring two other forms of  identification . 
         Acceptable forms of identification are:  your Social Security Card,
         Your birth certificate (which must have the appropriate seal),
         a utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically
         names you and your address

 2.          The Test fee is $15, The exact amount is best.
       {EVERYONE  needs to bring this}

    You NEED to know your Social Security number  !!  

   You need to know your FCC Registration Number (FRN).  You probably don't have
    a FRN unless you have a aircraft radio registration or commercial FCC license.
    You should know if you have one. 

    Presuming you don't have one, First time testers can use their SSN. HOWEVER !
    If you have a FRN you need to use it, NOT your SSN       (its kind of a catch 22)
    Say you might want to get a FRN  in advance ?,  (just a thought  ??)   but not necessary,
    you can get instructions at this link
    WRITE DOWN THE NUMBER, bring it with you to the test.  YOU WILL NEED IT

 4.    licensed Amateur that are upgrading 

You need to bring,  1. your ID  and  2. your money     

YOUR present License,  and a COPY
a reference copy of your FCC license.  (The one can you download & print)
At the test session, you need a copy of your license, or the reference copy.  
(you need this to test, without it you will will not be allowed to test)

How to get a "reference copy" of your license
follow these instructions ,
1. Go to

2.  Type your call sign, click search.
3. (2nd page) from the list, Click on your call sign
3. Click on the link towards the top (under your name)
    that says        
Reference Copy Icon Reference Copy

4. Your reference copy license will be a PDF file. PRINT IT, in fact
    print it twice, you need a copy to give the VEC.


 5,  ITS Highly unlikely, BUT
If you have an unexpired CSCE that you  haven't received a license for.
{You may NEED to bring it)  (If you think you fall into this category, CALL US)
The original CSCE  

There are copy facilities available at the library (15 cents per page).
If you need copies at the library, make sure you arrive early.    
bring some change. they cant take a $20 bill  for a 15 cents copy !!! ..



still confused, contact
Mike Vaughn WB7DNU 


 FYI: If you fail any test element, to retake that element costs another $15.
 FYI: Calculators are allowed except those that  remember formula's in the memories.
     NOTE!   iPhones, iPads, Androids, smartphones, Blackberry devices and all similar electronic devices  may NOT be used.
Extra info:

All of the exams start at 1:00 PM sharp at the Marshall Public Library, 113 S. Garfield Ave., Pocatello, ID 83204.  
I have reserved the large room on the North end on the first floor of the library for each exam session.  
I have the room reserved from 12:00 PM until 3:00 PM, so candidates can come early and get seated before the exam.  
All candidates must bring a photo ID or two other forms of ID such as a social security card and a birth certificate 
or a business envelope with their name and address.  
The test fee is $15.00 and covers all the tests, unless you wish to retake an exams you failed .

Mike Vaughn  WB7DNU

                                                            IF you need to  RENEW your license, 
                                                            or, MODIFYING  YOU LICENSE
                                                                         HERE'S HELP  Link