When All Else Fails, Amateur Radio Works

   How will you communicate when disaster strikes ?    

Amateur Radio

A Proven Winner !


Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Involved with the community since 1957 

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PARC, Pocatello Amateur Radio Club. Approximately 45 members strong, many of whom are ready to meet the
challenge of an emergency. To provide communications for government, and private citizens wishing to get emergency
or health and welfare traffic to the outside world.  Lucky for us here in Idaho, we don't have tornados and hurricanes,
our biggest threat is probably an Earthquake !  A big quake could knock out the power and communications circuits!
Ham Radio has proven itself for years.  Ham Radio  HF communications uses no infrastructure, it's point to point, 
No internet, no telephones, no sub-contractors !
From here to there in one hop !  Simplicity when it counts  !