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HI, thanks for your interest in our club. If you would, please print this form, and fill in your information
THEN  bring it to a meeting, or send it in by mail.   
We hope to see you at the meetings soon!

The PARC mailing address is:

Pocatello Amateur Radio Club

P.O. Box 2722

Pocatello, Idaho 83206

Date:  ___________                             your Name:  ________________________________

Call Letters:  __________  License class:  __________  Year your were First Licensed   _________

Street Address:  ________________________City, Zip:  ______________________________________________

Your Telephone Number:  ______________ 
Can we list  your telephone number on the club web site?  (Y/N)

Your EMAIL address:  __________________________ 
Can we list your EMAIL address on the club web site? (Y/N)

please note,  on the membership roster page,  email address and telephone numbers are somewhat
encrypted  to avoid being targeted by computer systems attempting to scavenge that type
of information from the web..  Take a look at the Roster Page you will see the encryption..
easily understood by humans, but gibberish   to computers, !!!   
Saying  yes allows other club members to contact you, ..

:   Dues are $24.00 per year for single members. 
Family membership dues are an additional  $12 per year for all your family members living in the same household.

All  membership renewals  are due the first of January.  HOWEVER,  Dues are prorated for new members,
depending on the month your joining
(see below)

JAN $24, FEB $22, MAR $20, APRIL $18,  MAY $16, JUNE $14, JULY $12, AUG $10, SEPT $8, ETC..

Please list any LICENSED family members who are joining ?   along with their info           (note: family membership is  1.5 times the single membership)

Family member 1. Name:  _______________________Call Letters:  __________  License class:  __________  Year  First Licensed   _________

email, and Phone number, if different _____________________________________


Family member 2. Name:  _______________________Call Letters:  __________  License class:  __________  Year  First Licensed   _________

email, and Phone number _____________________________________

We would ask, several more questions of you ??  answers are optional !
1  Do you have a HF Radio
2  Do you have a outside HF antenna
3  Do you have a 2 meter radio
4  Do you have a outside 2 meter antenna
5  Do you have an emergency generator that can run your radios
6  We are always looking for interesting programs for our meetings. Could you provide
     a program, or do you know of any interesting programs, or any ideas, for our meetings?
7  are you,  or were you,  every in the military, if so,   please?  Branch , years of service,
    and a brief description of where you were stationed and what you did  See our military roster at LINK