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N7JMG, Jim, USAF, 4 McCoy AFB Florida, Phu Cat Vietnam & Tan Son Nhut AFB Saigon,   Grand Forks AFB  North Dakota    1970-1973  
KG7VN, TIM, Army ,,  Fort Knox, Ft Ord  others    
KM4QAA, Paul USAF 4 , worked with C-130 aircraft on AWADS  , Adverse weather aerial delivery system,   It was use for precision cargo air drop and paratrooper jump signals. 1975-79  
WB6CGH, Bob USAF reserve, 6 years.   I was Airborne Radio Repair (C5, C131, KC135)
Stationed Keesler AFB Mississippi then Travis AFB California
KJ7ZOX, 20+  Aaron USAF    
K4TCO, Craig   ID National Guard    
KM5F, Will    ID & WY National Guard    
KA7MLM, Elborn   ID National Guard    
KD7VWX, Charles  Army, 1982-1985  
N6WRA  Dan  US Marines, 2, Enlisted in Marine Reserves Dec, 1950.  Active duty Dec, 1950 -- June, 1952.  Electronics school at Treasure Island. 
Radio Repair school at San Diego.  Assigned to Cherry Point, North Carolina.  Only overseas was maneuvers at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico..
N7FLM, Brad US Navy, 4,  CW intercept operator  ?? Japan ?? Okinawa    
WWN, Craig  US Army 20+    
KA7AJS, Linda US Army Reserves  20    
K7CF, Mike,   USAF,  4,  (1 year school at Lowery, CO) then 3 years  Spangdahlem-Germany,  
F-105 Fire control system,  &  Armed Forces Radio and Television Service  AFRTS
WB7DNU, Mike  US Navy, 3 1/2 years.  Highest Rate:  Aviation Fire Control second class (AQ2) (E-5)
Recruit training 10 weeks in San Diego, CA. 
Navy P School in Norman, OK 6 weeks training in DC circuit theory and aircraft handling. 
Navy A School 36 weeks in Memphis, TN training in electronics and aviation fire control systems (radar and weapons systems on fighter aircraft).
Stationed at Miramar Naval Air Station with fighter squadron VF-51 for 18 months, 11 months sea duty with VF-51 aboard the USS Ticonderoga.
Navy C School at North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado, CA for 12 weeks training on the fire control system used in the F4D Sky-Ray aircraft
Stationed at Miramar Naval Air Station in Squadron VF-121 (a training squadron) for 11 months as a maintenance technician on the radar system used on the F3H fighter aircraft.
KIP, John  USAF,  almost 6 years,  Precision Measurement Equipment Lab, PMEL,  we repaired and calibrated test equipment.
I was stationed at,  McCoy AFB, it's now Orlando international airport (MCO) . -- Takhli Royal Thai AFB, Thailand (HS6ADE) -- Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam,  Edwards AFB CA. --  AFCENT (NATO)  The Netherlands (PA9VW)  E-5

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