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All repeaters in Pocatello are open for general use. There are three mountain top
repeaters that over look Pocatello.  2 are PARC radios, one is LDS.  Again all are open.
for more info about the PARC repeaters heres a   LINK

PARC   147.360mHz Repeater  (Kinport)N7PI/r  100hz PL - repeater & 10 Meter remote Base
                                                                      codes  010=29.6FM link on ...      000=link off.   
PARC   147.060mhz  Repeater  (Scout) N7PI/r  100hz.PL - 100% Solar Powered     
PARC  APRS -- 144.39mHz  - Digital 

For more info about the PARC repeaters see this page

LDS    146.82mHz    100Hz PL

this button takes you to the IDAHOARRL web where ACTIVE repeaters are listed
some repeaters may NOT be on the list, if no one has reported them as on the air and active ??

 Idaho Repeater's   

                                                 PARC repeater maintenance is paid for with membership dues.  If you are a regular on the 06 or 36 repeater, you might consider joining our club ??  Thanks

and things to think about  ----->    how much memory is TOOO much memory ??


The PARC 06 repeater was originally installed on Mt Kinport in 1976, in a building
that was bulldozed about 20 years ago,  we were ask to move into a building that was,
at that time owned by the cable TV company.

how many repeaters do you think were in Idaho in 1977 ?

Pocatello must have missed the cut off date for publication of this book.
click the cover picture for the answer ...