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Check these links, for dates , times , places,

These links are for clubs and groups in and around the Pocatello area that hold regular test sessions.

Pocatello Idaho - Pocatello Amateur Radio Club
Click Here for Pocatello testing Info 

Twin Falls, Idaho       look at the left side of their page, look for ""Testing Sessions""
click here for details

Logan, Utah
Click Here for BARC testing Info     

Montpelier, Idaho  --------------------as of 4 july 17,  information on the BEARS web is somewhat out of date,   
Click Here for BEARS testing info  

For a List of all IDAHO Clubs follow this link.
IF you don't live in our area,  got to this link to find a place to take a test

To the best of our knowledge,  this is an accurate list of area clubs that provide regular testing. 
However, we cannot guarantee these clubs schedules, you should contact them for details and to confirm their schedules !

if you know of other clubs in the southeast Idaho area that give tests on a regular basis please contact the webmaster  jcwilson (at)