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If you are NOT a ham, and would like to become one, or would like to know
more about Amateur  (HAM) Radio  the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club members
are ready and willing to help you. 
    BUT you have to ask, we are not mind readers,

Please email any one of our board members  they are all
active amateur radio operators that want to help you. Send them an
email or call on the phone. Let us know who you are, and that you are
interested in Ham Radio,  how to contact you.  We will get back to you !!!!
if you don't get a reply, something must be wrong, try another person on the list.

Board members and/or Elmers are the folks to contact. see the  Membership Roster
look for the Elmers column on the roster.

Groups like the Boy Scouts, FFA, School classes, any group that would like
a program about Amateur Radio,  we would be pleased to present something
custom tailored just for you.

We would like to invite you to our meetings.. everyone is welcome!