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Schulman Auction, Kansas City, MO
I personally know Schulman,   WOW does he get great prices for
his sellers,  but the equipment is tested (a bit) and most is like new, I know that Schulman isn't trying to 'rip' anyone off.
see this link

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This is Alan N0XO in Salmon.
 Honda eb5000 on wheels.
Will power our house completely and used for power outages and field day.     excess to my needs..
I lowered the price of the generator to to $795,    Its in the way need it moved out of the shop. I might do some trading too on radio gear. thanks
no problems 1 start pull, runs all night. Contact me at 406-239-5630 or n0xoalan((at))    thanks, Alan
FT3D handheld radio for sale,  $325.
includes the radio,
factory box
a RT Systems cable.
The FT3D is a dual band 2M/ 70 CM transceiver that is digital capable/
I have had no issues with the radio, it has always worked as expected.
Up for sale is a two-speed Alliance HD-73 rotor and control box. Included is new rotor mounting hardware, a 8' test rotor cable, a brand new 50' roll of 6 wire rotor cable and an owners manual.
This HEAVY DUTY rotor is used in good condition. Unit has been tested, is fully functional and works great!

The reason I am selling is that I have upgraded my equipment.

$200.00 Local pickup. If shipped, actual shipping charges will apply.   I accept cash and PayPal.
After checking the marketplace, this is the best price offered. My Elmer gave me a great deal and I am passing it forward.
Joe N7ENS - Good on QRZ
626 484-3715 cell and text



Rohn BX self-supporting tower, and sections for sale.

I have a used heavy duty BX48 tower less the mounting stubs. The mounting stubs that set into concrete can be purchased on line or made locally out of pipe. $500 for the tower and I will also sell a thurst bearing with the tower for $100. 

Also for sale is sections BX6 and BX7, which are the 2nd and 3rd sections up from the bottom of a BX64 tower. Make offer on either or both of them if you have a need.

Doug McFall, N7JHS  (208)324-OOll  djmcfall((AT)) 


looking for a VHF duplexer for a 2m repeater
I can be reached by mail: tobias(at)
Call/Text: 208-968-8266
BOISE   K7CTO   Call/Txt:  208-954-6099 or Email  Steve  <ctocs1998{(at)}>

medical issues forcing sale unfortunately - since its terminal, I'm trying to sell as a Pre-Silent Key sale
Call/Txt:  208-954-6099 or
  Steve Layne <ctocs1998{AT}>
Transceiver:  ICOM IC-756 PRO II
Power SupplyICOM PS-125 
Microphone:   ICOM SM-30
All in Excellent condition.
$ 850 or Best Offer .. includes the radio, & PS-125 & SM-30 MIC
 .. packaged deal .. 
Kenwood CS-4125 Oscilloscope in excellent
 condition - bought it several years ago 
but just haven't had the time to use it .. 
I have seen the cost of this unit from $270-$500 -
- so for a quick sell, I'll shoot for $150.. 


North Logan
30L1 linear.    $500 , or offers ???.
I think I have a few 572B's around here somewhere, which it appears to use. Wally might have spare tubes too ..

Here's the speaker/power supply for the drake rigs. $100 if purchased alone.
I would rather sell the whole station first, meaning the R4, TX4C, and MS4 as a set.

Matching transmitter of the Drake station.
I want $300 or best offer for just the TX4C. I would rather sell the whole station first, meaning the R4, TX4C, and MS4 as a set.
The whole set I'd let go for $600 or best offer.

Collins  R-390 Receiver,    $550   works good
Here's the receiver of a R4/TX4 pair I have. I did try the receiver out. It works great!!
I want $300 or best offer. I would rather sell the whole station first, meaning the R4, TX4C, and MS4 as a set.  The whole set I'd let go for $600 or best offer.

This KWM2 I did run for a bit, on receive. I borrowed a power supply from a friend to do so. I did not transmit with it.
It will need some relay work. I was going to buy the kit to upgrade it to plug in relays and put new relays in it.
I won't get to it in my lifetime, now. I'll take $300 for it, or best offer.
It does not include a power supply. I was going to use a Heathkit HP-23 to run it. I have the supply but it needs to be recapped.
I bought the cap kit for it. I'll include it for $100 dollars if someone buys the KWM-2.
 SEE MORE PICTURES AT    Wally's page on this web
Wally Gibbons, AF7FH
North Logan, Utah,   Wally Gibbons <>

Pocatello area
This tower will handle large antennas for the serious DXer at a lower cost than the present $14,000  price. 
Not every ham will have the antenna this tower supports plus the crank over and maintenance at 22 feet above the ground. 

US Tower TX-472 For Sale. 
I took down in 2013 when I moved to Idaho from Utah. I put up a smaller tower. 
I have a home made tilt over unit that allowed raising and lowering. 

The hole to support the tower is 4X4 feet square and 8 feet deep with rebar. 
20,000 pounds of Concrete . 

I bought in 1987 and used it for a 4 element quad. I kept the tower at 60 feet. 
The Steel on this US Tower is outstanding. I inspected the tower frequently. 

I priced this tower at Dayton last year at Dayton. I was blown away. The price of 
Steel has doubled the price of the TX-472 to $14,000 with $9,300 tower, the $1,200 
Raising Fixture, $1,300 shipping, and $700 tax 2022 price. 

This is “Hot Dipped” Galvanized. I checked annually if there was signs of rust. 
The holes at the top were sealed by plugs to prevent water from entering the tubes and freezing. some fell off in the move. 

I believe in Preventive Maintenance as a retired IBM field Engineer. 

I moved the Tower by renting a 25 foot trailer. The XYL and I loaded and unloaded the tower. 
We have lived in Utah and Idaho where rain is about 14 inches a year vs 80 inches in Vermont 
for example. Low humidity, 23% is common. Most years from June 15 to September 1 - no rain. 

This is a “Dream Tower” for serious DXers who want to mount large directional antennas like 
a 4 element double driven quad I used 27 years.

As another ham pointed out, you will not outlive this Tower. 

$8,000 or Reasonable Best Offer
K7CF         k7cf(at)  or  two zero eight 244-4216



Salmon, ID
for you home brew Amplifier guys ????????????????     or OWNERS of a large boat,
webmasters note,   my friend George is just like me,  he knows he has good stuff, but its hard to find a home, and
the land fill is NOT the answer


here are the transformers.  Pictures got kind of mixed up, but I think you can figure them out. 

The grey one is a Thermador 8-44A:  primary, 115 -230;  secondary taps4720, 5900, or 7080 center tapped at 500 ma CCS.   
With full wave rectifier the voltages would be half that.   And the CCS rating off 500 ma can probably be exceeded by 330-40% in ICAS.  
Weighs about 125 pounds and I’ll sell it for a dollar a pound or  $125 pick up only in Salmon, Idaho. 
I’m willing to drive up to 200 miles to meet half way for fuel costs.

The black one is a GE 1160 Volts center tapped at 800 ma CCS., 
Bridge rectifier and capacitor input good for about 1600 volts or so.
This was running an amplifier with 4 of the 811A tubes in it when I got it.
Only weighs about 50 pounds.   $50.00.  I can ship this but prefer pickup.

Gates 10 Henry , 800 ma filter choke with 4,000 volt insulation about 50 pounds. 
Came out of a Gates KWFM transmitter.  Sell for $50.  Prefer pickup but can be shipped.

More pictures of all of these are available for an email.  I’m open to offers, trades for vintage gear, etc.  
Just need to find someone who can use these.

george W7HDL        Contact George  w7hdl   gbabits((at))

Kimberly / twin falls area

Ameritron AL-80B With 10 meter mod. includes 3-500Z tube and is wired for 220 but can be wired for 110 Very good condition. 1000 watts out.

Send me an email — k6ham(at)

North Logan
I have the following receivers for sale, pickup only, in North Logan, Utah.

Prices are firm. I will consider swap or price reductions for National SW-3 broadcast band coil sets.

If you want pictures email and I'll send some to you.

National HRO 60 with A, B, C, D, and E coils. I received this radio with no power transformer. I installed a Hammond
unit and re-capped it. It plays fine. I don't have the dial scales to go with each coil, however. No speaker is included.

National HRO-7 with a E coil. This too has been re-capped and was a daily driver for a year or so. No speaker is
included. I do have a power supply somewhere for it. If I find more coils, I'll include them. I just don't remember what I acquired for it.

Hammarlund Comet with a few coil sets. It is as found, from a friends fathers estate. I already have two, so I don't
need it, or want to restore it.


Hammerlund Super Pro SP-400 with power supply, I recapped the power supply a few years ago. Radio plays fine but should be gone through.
Paper capacitors replaced, etc. It's heavy. I can't lift it any more. $300.00

Heathkit Apache TX-1 transmitter. Excellent cosmetic condition. I've never powered it up. I will NOT ship it.
I will get it to the BARC Swaptoberfest in October if someone wants to pick it up there. Price is $150 dollars.

Wally Gibbons, AF7FH
North Logan, Utah,   Wally Gibbons <>
Pullman, WA 99163
Items for sale: yaesu 450D like new, less than a hour talk time on it. In the box. Asking $700

WJ6FOX<  j1776f(((at)))  >        


McCammon, ID  

K7CF, cleaning house   see this link   ,  lots of pictures,   Webmasters note:  I will try to get them better organized  when I get a bit of time
contact mike at   208-/244-/4216         SOME OF THESE HAVE SOLD,, Check WITH MIKE K7CF about whats left



A-4S cushcraft  triband  4 element beam for 10-15-20 meters, 

sells new for over $700
will take $250,  in excellent condition,  
contact Ray WA7ITX  at  RAY FRIESS <rayfrijr((at))>

eMAIL  for any of these items, POCATELLO
this is mostly estate property, all tested by me k0ip..   or 208-251-6441
wa0dyu@GMAIL.COM   thats a Zero  wa Zero dyu
the complete rack  home brew transmitter, with RF deck sporting

4each   4-125A tubes, want more pictures, email me,  
$200,,   you get it all   Ive got more pictures  make an offer



For more pictures see this link

with all filters  like new

TWO books    History of QST, This is from an estate, I already have these
in my collection,  I don't need two sets  of them  SO......
these two books  at the ARRL are $40  cash sale $10 from me.
I can ship media mail, (cheap) , you pay the freight,
or pickup at my house,   THEY ARE Perfect condition, like new.
208 251 6441

KWM-2A , excellent AS NEW  $1500
come over and test it,  Plug it in and talk,   EMP proof, all tube radio
With PM-2 power supply and collins microphone,  in use at my house now,
want the best in tube radios , this is it,,



need antenna wire,  see  wire below,  lots of wire, 

building an antenna see wire,          

please don't drink the LMR-400 Kool-Aid,  its mostly BS and expensive!!!!!!!!!!!






COAX   why buy new and pay a lot for postage , get it in Pocatello for way less money, all guaranteed to be perfect.
I have sold hundreds of feet of this coax,      get it cheap while the supply lasts,    Think ahead, what will you need in the future ??

I have hundreds of feet of RG-11 75ohm  NEW  (military) 50 cents a foot.. works well for dipoles,  and  phasing harnesses on 4x4 arrays  ??

Guys, this is a bargain,      k0ip  208-251-6441  wa0dyu(at)

STUFF of all kinds,   do you need parts, connectors, resistors , capacitors, insulators, PARTS AND MORE PARTS
contact John 251-6441...... Really,  I have one of everything..  ask anyone thats been in my basement .. at least one of everything, 
Jimmy Hoffa is somewhere down there,    too !!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Wire, antenna wire,  radial wiresthis wire that wire, I have hundreds of kinds of wire. if your making an antenna,  I will give you the wire.
need microphone cable , got that too.  twisted pair, got that too.  25 pair  Bell System wire,, that too.

boxes of  CAT-5 Ethernet cable.   plus the connectors and tools to make your custom cables,

RF adapters,  BNC, N, Pl259, etc etc etc   call me,, pickup only

don't be SHY,  call me, lets make a deal we will both be happy with,  
 If you've every been in my basement, and garage you know that I'm not lying ,  I've GOT STUFF.       


I have miles of copper wire for dipoles,  insulators, etc,  and 61+  years of ham know-how,  
free if you show up and want to make a dipole.   some really nice stranded , insulated  wire, hard to see,


Hi,  this is John k0ip the webmaster,  I recycle computers,   if i sell you a computer and you don't like it bring it back,    and laptops for $50  how can you lose
of course , any computer salesman will try to sell you the most expensive thing they have on the shelf.   Well fast is better, BUT,  do you really need all that fast for $$$$$
probably not,   doing some email, surfing the web, maybe a bit of youtube,    a little word processing, maybe controlling your rig, or logging contacts  you don't need a  FLAMING fast computer, 
Batteries,  Most of these laptops , probably need a new battery, or will soon ..  Batteries are generally $15  to $20 on ebay,  any of these come with the power supply,
come over to the house and have a look,,    if you buy one and don't like it for any reason bring it back
IBM ThinkPad  with power supply
running Windows 7 , perfect for the ham shack
you won't have to battle with Microsoft about drivers
for you have gear changing at their whim.

as with any computer I sell,  if you don't like it in the first 30 days bring it back for a 100% refund.

This machine is a  2.2 gb AMD AthlonII, 4gb ram, 300 mb hard disk,

$40  John ,  come and look,  can ship ,  

HP Pavilion
300gb HD, 4gb ram, centrino2, nvidia graffics card.
with power supply.

great for 90% of the NON gaming population, want to surf the web,  watch some youtube, maybe listen to some music,,, Log your contacts, control your rid.  THIS IS IS  

A bit slow, but not impossible,  WIN 10

as with any computer I sell,  if you don't like it in the first 30 days bring it back for a 100% refund  

$50.  john 208-251-6441  k0ip
Dell Precision M4400

Windows 7 perfect for the ham shack
you won't have to battle with Microsoft about drivers
for you have gear changing at their whim.

as with any computer I sell,  if you don't like it in the first 30 days bring it back for a 100% refund.

Win 7, 80 gb HD, 4gb ram, with supply


$40.  john 208-251-6441  k0ip


I3 @ 1.9ghz  with 8 gb ram, 500gb HD,  power supply

as with any computer I sell,  if you don't like it in the first 30 days bring it back for a 100% refund.

$50.  john 208-251-6441  k0ip


Lenovo,  IBM   I7,  1TB hard disk,  24' TOUCH screen,, 8gb Ram,
This is really a nice computer, remover the clutter  with the all in one design,  comes with a NEW  Keyboard, and mouse, power supply,  Fresh windows 10 load, Office, more..
works perfect ,  like new,    208 251 6441 

THIS IS A HOT ROD  HI HI ,,    This computer is LIKE NEW..

Fast $300       k0ip 208-251-6441
YOUR TOOOOOOO LATE,,   this classic is sold !    
IBM Levono  ALL IN ONE,   500gb HD, 4 gb Ram, I3 @ 3.7mhz

COMES with a new ibm keyboard and mouse,  ready to go,  new registered windows 10

model M810Z..     21"  Non Touch Screen . 

$200   k0ip 208 251 6441






Win 7
300gb HD
4gb Ram
2.13 processor

plug and play for ADSB

$40  John ,  come and look,  can ship

wide screen
8gb RAM
I3  1.96hz processor
500gb HD

Windows 10


Win 7
1gb ram
1.6mhz processor Core
111gb HD

$40  John ,  come and look,  can ship

80gb HD
Centrino  1.8 mhz
3gb ram 

need ports this has them 
$15  with supply