On the 11th  day of December, 1957  

These are the founders of the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club.                                                                      
Most likely there were many others interested in the club but 
these were the 5 that signed the incorporation papers 
with the State of Idaho. They all went SK years ago, but they
left their mark on Pocatello, and amateur radio.  

They lived in a different world, their rigs were big and heavy
full of vacuum tubes, however,  their dreams about Ham Radio
were probably much like each of ours. 
Thank you old friend for a job well done. 73

Ellis W. Call  W7BDL
Tom "Tommy" Thompson W7CDA
Rodney "Rod" Webster K7ALA
Helen Maillet  W7GGV
George "Stuart" Walker   W7GCO


incorporation papers 1957      Amended Articles of Incorporation  2016       Present By-Laws    501(c) (3) letter from IRS    

Some of the founders wishes:

To promote activity in Amateur Radio Communication, and to establish methods and 
routes for such communications, for the benefit of the Nation and Fraternity of 
Amateur Radio Operators.

To foster and cultivate the social, educational, and vocational relations of the members; to 
broaden their interest in the pursuit of perfection of the Art, and to improve their standards 
of efficiency and Safety in the operation of Radio and Electronic equipment.

To encourage among the members closer personal acquaintance and a friendly spirit 
of mutual cooperation.

To gather, receive and disseminate such information as may seem helpful to the members; to 
interchange ideas in rendering mutual assistance, and to provide helpful vocational advice and 
guidance. To forward and promote the general welfare and prosperity of the members and to 
improve by any and all lawful and honorable means their status and condition.