State Incorporation.

The undersigned, being five or more natural persons of lawful age, all or whom are citizens of the United States, do hereby adopt the following articles of incorporation, for the purpose or forming a non-profit cooperative association, pursuant to Chapter X of Title 30 of the Idaho Code, and any statute supplemental thereto, and we, all being residents of the State of Idaho, do hereby adopt the following Articles of Association:

Article I

The name or this corporation shall be: Pocatello Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Article II

The purposes for which said non-profit cooperative association is formed as follows:

To promote activity in Amateur Radio Communication, and to establish methods and routes for such communications, for the benefit of the Nation and Fraternity of Amateur Radio Operators.

To foster and cultivate the social, educational, and vocational relations of the members; to broaden their interest in the pursuit of perfection of the Art, and to improve their standards of efficiency and Safety in the operation of Radio and Electronic equipment.

To encourage among the members closer personal acquaintance and a friendly spirit of mutual cooperation.

To gather, receive and disseminate such information as may seem helpful to the members; to interchange ideas in rendering mutual assistance, and to provide helpful vocational advice and guidance. To forward and promote the general welfare and prosperity of the members and to improve by any and all lawful and honorable means their status and condition.

To acquire, buy, grant, gift, purchase, devise or bequest, and to lease, hold, sell, develop, improve, mortgage, convey, or otherwise acquire and dispose of real and personal property necessary or proper for the carrying out of the purposes of this association, subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by law, for the benefit of the members of the association and not for pecuniary profit.

To borrow money, to lend money, and to evidence the indebtedness of the association by noteís, bondís or other instruments, and to secure the same by pledge, mortgage, trust deed, or such other instruments as to the association may seem proper.

To make and perform contracts of every kind with any person, firm, association or corporation, for the benefit of the members of the association and not for pecuniary profit.

To do any and all things convenient and incidental to the purposes herein expressed, and generally to have and exercise all such powers as are by law conferred on the associations of like character, and without in any particular limiting any of the objects and purposes of the association shall be from time to time to do any one or more or all of the acts and things herein set forth, and all such other acts, things and business in any manner connected therewith or necessary, incidental, convenient or auxiliary thereto, or calculated directly or indirectly to promote the interests of the association, or enhance the value of any of its property or rights as such association may lawfully do; and in carrying on its activities in behalf of its members or for the purpose of attaining any of its objects to do any and all things and exercise any and all other powers not prohibited by law, and either as, or by and through principals, agents, attorneys trustees, contractors, factors, lessors, lessees or otherwise, either alone or in connection with others, for the benefit of the members and not for pecuniary profit.

Article III

The period during which said corporation is to continue as a corporation is indefinite and, hence, perpetual existence is designated.

Article IV

That the post office address of its principal office is to be at the City of Pocatello, county of Bannock, State of Idaho; but that the association may, at its option, maintain offices and transact business in any other State in the United States when authorized by the laws of such State so to do, and the registered address of this Association in the State of Idaho shall be in the City of Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho.

Article V

The above-named Association shall not issue any capital stock, but there shall be issued to each member of said association, upon the payment of his dues, and upon the issuance of a membership certificate in said association, a certificate of membership. Membership certificates so issued by said association shall be limited to 250 in number. The right or interest of all members in said association shall be equal, and no member may have or acquire a greater interest therein than any other member duly enrolled, and no member shall hold more than one certificate of membership in said non-profit cooperative association. The membership certificates, as aforesaid, are not assignable, and the transferee of such a certificate can become a member of this association only by a resolution duly passed by the Board of Directors, and pursuant to the regulations as may be provided by the by-laws of this association.

Article VI

The by-laws of said association may be altered, amended, or new by-laws adopted at any regular meeting or at any special meeting of the members thereof, called for that purpose by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at such meeting; provided, that a quorum as specified in the by-laws of the association or the laws of the State of Idaho be present.

Article VII

The conditions and regulations of membership and the rights or other privileges of the classes of members shall be determined and fixed by the by-laws.

Article VIII

The private and personal properties of the members of the corporation shall not be liable for its corporate debts.

The number and directors of this association shall not be less than three nor more than fifteen, and the number, qualifications and terms of office, manner of election, time, place and manner of calling meetings and powers and duties of the directors shall be prescribed, as aforesaid, by the by-laws.

Article X

The name and post office addresses of the incorporators of the above-entitled non-profit cooperative association are as follows:

Members Address

Ellis W. Call               Pocatello, Idaho

Tom Thompson          Pocatello, Idaho

Rodney Webster        Pocatello, Idaho

Helen Maillett             Pocatello, Idaho

George S. Walker      Pocatello, Idaho

And the above-named incorporators shall serve as directors and shall manage and control the affairs of said corporation until the first meeting of the members, at which time the by-laws shall be adopted, and the organization of the association completed.

Article XI

The officers of this association shall consist of the president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, recording secretary, and such other officers as the Board of Directors or the association shall deem necessary, all of whom shall be members who shall be elected by the Board of Directors and hold office during the pleasure and discretion of the Board. Each of the officers shall have such powers as may be conferred upon him by the by-laws or the association.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 11 day of December, 1957.

(The original document on file with the Secretary of State for the state of Idaho is further signed by the above named members and notarized by Jayson C. Holladay, a Notary Public.)..