Some love it , others hate it.                                                                                                 IF I learned CODE, so can you !

What does it take ?   Commitment ! 

COMMITMENT !  You can't learn CW  watching TV !!

Hey !! a little help would be nice!   OK then,   some  PARC members would be willing  to help you over the bumps  !!
want  help learning CW, if you want a tutor,  email or call  any one of the  PARC board members they can find someone to help you..

----------------------------------On Line practice--------------------------


---------------------------------- more information about CW -------------

This link was sent in by Aaron who thought is would make a nice addition to the PARC CW page
http://www.five9.com/understanding-morse-code-calls        Tnx Arron, good luck on your projects !

-----------------------------------Software downloads--------------------- 

CW Player      CW player is great, if you have trouble downloading this let me know. its actually a good one

G3FON   something called  Koch Morse trainer,  see this link  http://www.g4fon.net/

W1AW Sked for code practice

------------------------------------Some CW History -----------------------------
thanks to Don and some of this students



--------------------------------------and if all else fails--------------------------------------------------



sorry,   its the way it is


if you know of any shareware CW programs,  Email me the LINK