Blasts from the past 
                                                                               &                                  Radios that will become Blasts from the past.

Heathkit HR-10B  Receiver
  • Amateur band coverage only (80 through 10 meters) for high stability & tuning accuracy
  • Tunes SSB, AM, CW
  • Large, slide-rule tuning dial—over 6" of band spread
  • Tunable RF stage for extra sensitivity
  • Prebuilt, preset coil/bandswitch assembly
  • Lattice-type crystal filter for high selectivity
    Year: 1967–1975 ?  
    Tubes 7:
    Net weight 20 lb
    Price in first year of sale $75.00   in 2018 $ $$  556.54

This handsomely-styled amateur receiver is a perfect match for the DX-60 Transmitter, providing complete high-performance station receiver facilities at low cost!



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Johnson Viking Valiant
Modes: AM/CW
Bands: 160 - 10 Meters
Input Power: 200W-AM, 275W-CW
Final Tubes: Three 6146b in parallel
There are 18-tubes 
New Price: $349.50 kit and $439.50 wired
Manufactured between 1956-1962
Size: 11.5"h x 21.0"w x 16.25"d
Approx. Weight: 73 lbs
in 2018 dollars $3,718
now you just need a receiver !
and a Desk that didn't come from Ikea

The Mohican
was Heath's first all transistor general coverage shortwave and broadcast receiver. Intended primarily for the short-wave listener and for portability.  covered the AM broadcast band to 32 mHz.
it includes calibrated bandspread for the ham bands and a BFO
for copying code and SSB

in 1965 this cost $90, and the  accessory 120VAC 
supply was another $10   
in 2018 dollars $800 !! 
and you think Ham Radio is expensive now.
For more info about his radio please visit KB8TAD