Society of Thai Amateur Radio.
This page is written by k0ip   ex  HS6ADE  at Takhli RTAFB in 1970.

I have very little info about all the inside deals that allowed US persons to operate from Thailand,
mostly military supporting the Viet Nam war from numerous bases in Thailand .

HELP me with this page,   once I had a PDF or word document listing all the Americans that operated under this STAR agreement ,  
I've googled it and cannot locate that file on the internet.
If its on my computer, I can't find it    HI HI      so much for my organizing skills ...
HEY guys, if you were there and have any comments, or pictures, documents, etc..   please contact me at
john.wilson.k0ip  at 

Below are the documents that were sent to me.  I operated for about 6 weeks, and then I got transferred to Viet Nam,
ending my HS6ADE operation,   I worked about 800 stations in that 6 weeks.
in fact I was not a DX'er back in Kansas,  and little did I know  Thailand was RARE'er than RARE   HI,  
all I had to do was call CQ and there were hundreds of stations all calling at the same time.

It was mass bedlam   HI HI ..  
many years later I found out that less than a year earlier,  Thailand was removed from the  USA/ITU banned list. 
I didn't operate everyday, but got on and operated often,   sometimes  ragchewing with US stations, 
while the rest of the world was ready to kill me for not working the pileup..  again little did I know how RARE I was.
I also figured I had may more months to operate,   but that transfer to RVN stopped all that.


below is a picture of me with my little KWM-1 radio,  we had a Tri-Bander at the building where I worked ,  Hey a good antenna FREE..  your can't beat free ..
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 Society of Thai amateur radio    click the photo's to make them big enough to read
Note: the date typed on this letter, should have been  1970 not 72...
HS6ADE, Takhli Royal Thai AFB, Thailand 1970,  
  After several  MARS phone patch  from Takhli with my friend WTM (Gary)(sk),
he got me a KWM-1 at Associated Radio (Overland Park, KS). My dad built two
custom wooden boxes,  one for the radio , one for the PS.  He APO mailed them to me..

For whatever reason there was a tri-band beam at the PMEL building where I worked,
who knows why it was there?  It was pointed at the USA, no rotor. My boss let me setup
my station on a shelf in the store room, This was actually a perfect place.  I could run in
there for lunch and "work a bunch", or after my shift.
 I was on the air for 6 weeks, working over 800 stations on SSB & CW.   WOW, what pile-ups,, 
If  I had been more industrious I could have worked 8000. But there was other things to do,
including many two legged distractions downtown.. If you've been there you know what I'm saying.
$5 short time GI..
Then the unexpected,  I was transferred to Viet Nam..  

Note: the KWM-1 had No RIT or anyway to Split. I worked a lot of CW
because I could actually hear more that the ROAR of thousands of SSB
signals at once. I used the same J-38 Key that I used as a Novice, it's the
same key I use today.     
This link is quite lengthy and really doesn't cover the history of STAR very well,
This fellow signed my membership card ,, above