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For years and years , N7IJ and myself would go to grids that had no VHF hams living it them, trying to activate a few new ones.
lots of times it was Cold.   sometimes way hot.  but we always had a good time doing "our thing".

I cant say I was out every year from 1882 to 2007 when I quit? but I was out 2/3 at least of the time.

Too bad,  some years no pictures were taken,,  heads up ----   TAKE PICTURES of your ham life,

I hope we worked you some of these years from rare grid squares  John kip

~ 1982    DN43            KC7IJ  WADYU     Mel John

~1985       not sure  DN43 or DN44   kc7ij wadyu

~ 1986  not sure  DN43 or DN44                       kc7ij ,          wadyu,             and mel's son KB7FUV


2001  dn32      Scout Mt,  just south of Pocatello,  weather was OK,  I didn't freeze  , Solo kip
had a surprise opening to the east coast ,  around 1am, for an hour, added lots of good mult's and qso's

2002  dn32      Please note,  solo kip   west of Malad Id, 
please note, WINDY and Cold.  too cold for beer ,  ouch.  almost froze ............see white stuff on ground,

ND42   2003       for once good weather, great, and 6 meters was open almost all day.  N7IJ  KIP


2004   DN42   Cold, Windy, here's Mel N7IJ freezing his ass off.   note two stations back to back.
we later moved into the camper bus to get out of the wind and cold.
kip & n7ij

We went to DN42 for many years,  we could work 2 meter and 432 stations in Salt Lake City.


And my last mountain top VHF contest  2007 with W4OV  DN42...    6 ,  2,  432
weather was OK,   still some snow that we used to keep the beer cold,  we got permission to operate inside a Cell tower building
which was great, out of the wind..   THIS WAS THE STRAW THAT BROKE MY BACK, we only had 5 Q's via skip, everything
else was local ground wave..   ENOUGH is ENOUGH, I stay home now,