A note from the webmaster,  I did attend CTI in 1965-1967,  graduated,   about a year later I went to the USAF,  I wasn't
around KC for many years,    I have no real information about the history of CTI,   basically what you see below, is what I know.
Its sure interesting that a school which,  I believe  taught "LOTS" of GI's  electronics during WW2 and was in business for so many years, then PooF !
just totally dropped off the face of the earth.  

added June 2019:  The CTI building, is no longer an electronics school, it's a fancy restaurant and antique store... The Webster House
occupies one of the oldest public school buildings in Kansas City. The Webster School officially opened in January 1885 and closed in 1932. More than
100 years later, proprietor Shirley Bush Helzberg carefully restored the historic building to its present beauty. The Webster House is listed on the
National Register of Historic Places and has won many awards for restoration.  (webmaster) and from the looks of all the great pictures on their web
it must have cost a small fortune to restore. 
if you google CTI you get this page and some other newspaper articles, which you need to pay to get,  so I never got them.  ?? 
there is however one good link about early TV,   it was First National Television, a vocational training school. 
I'm sure this was the the precursor to CTI or was in some way associated with CTI.

There were several study directions one could go, but the major training at CTI , as far as I'm concerned, was BROADCASTING.
we really learned a lot about transmitters, and every little detail of the NTSC TV system.  Many graduates did go into
broadcasting,  likewise, many didn't, including me.    if you can supply me with info, I will put it at the bottom of this page
email  wa0dyu((at))gmail.com

73  KōIP


CTI Postcard
here's another post card,   they did not train Airline Hostess's when I went there, must have been before 1965 ??

all the old buildings in that part of town have been bulldozed.  and in the picture just below you can see the very impressive
Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts..   All very upscale !

Its now called the Webster House  , some very interesting information is available at this link https://websterhousekc.com/about-us/
the last picture on their page should scowl with many pictures, 



I'm in the very middle,  center row 5th from the left

hello everyone,
glad to know this gets googles attention,   heres a letter from another CTI graduate and his class picture


For some reason I did a Google search this morning on CTI and up popped your website.    I see you graduated in March of 1968. 
 I graduated in December of 1968.  You went into the USAF after school, I was in the USAF before school.   I see you have the
same degree as me, EET, but I donít remember any classes in broadcasting.  I went on to work for Bell Labs in Chicago for the
next 10 years.  At the labs I learned that electronics technology was not the love of my life, software programming was.    I made
a career out of programming and project management.  I will always feel very fortunate to have gone to CTI even though I really
didnít use anything they taught me, except perhaps some of the programming skills I learned in class with Basic.   Like you, I never
returned to KC after graduating even though I was born and raised there.

I donít have any new information for you on CTI for the website, just thought Iíd drop you a line.   I didnít recognize anyone else
in your class, but I donít remember seeing upperclassmen very much anyways.  There was a break room downstairs somewhere
as I recall, but all I remember there are my own class mates and the chance to smoke (I quit a few years later). 

 I attached a picture of my class.  As you can see the classes were getting smaller.  We may have been one of the last classes to
graduate before DeVry bought them.   I am third from the left standing.
       John Milford
John's email is  jsm4343((at))gmail.com


From  KōGY   George 

Below, ,click for full size ,,