Wilson Fremont Jones 

Born November 25, 1898 in Olathe, Kansas at the Johnson County Jail because his father John Wilson Jones was the County Sheriff and the house was in front of the jail and the house and jail were connected. Died March 4, 1954 in California. Buried at Rosehill Memorial Park, Whittier, California. Married Rose Ellen Kanally 

US Navy WW1, he was a gunner on the Great Northern (a ship)  he made 21 trips to France taking new troops over and bringing home the wounded. He was with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Dept as a patrolman, motorcycle cop and a detective. He quit the Police Dept. because of the Pendergast regime in Kansas City. He was a salesman for Hall Brothers which is now Hallmark Cards. His territory was the state of Minnesota. He later went to California where he was a car salesman. He also owned his own Chrysler dealership in Whittier,  California. He was married to 2-Pearl Beldin (MN) and 3- Alma Silloway (CA).

His Father and Mother     His Wife (see below)      His Son


Rose Ellen Kanally born March 28, 1895 in Kansas City, Missouri. Died September 11, 1919 from complications of giving birth to twins, Clena and Wilson "Bud".  She was married in New York City when Wilson was in the US Navy, WWI.

She is buried in the Shawnee Cemetery.