Possible logging software 

Please,  if you have personally use logging software that is compatible with the IDQP, please let us know
so we can post that information here.

Here is a list (a short list) of logging programs that apparently support the IDQP ?.
The sponsors of the IDQP are not underwriting or recommend anything, these
suggestions are made on a  "use at your own risk" basis.

N3FJP DOES support the IDQP.  In and Out of state.   you can download it and try it free for the first 30 QSO's,
For out of state participants ,  This is a great offer as only about 5% of the submitted logs have  more than 30 QSO's.
its  free,  so give it a try.

N1MM  work for both in and out of state stations. This is a great contest logging program, and its totally FREE.
A little confusing to set up for the correct contest.. If your having trouble setting it up,  and you can't find any local hams
that know how,   call me at 208 251 6441  KōIP   5 minutes on the phone is worth 2 days trying to email  info back and forth.. I will be glad to help
this is a GREAT program.

FYI: most logging software will NOT accept invalid entries, especially true for the county input field, 
For valid Idaho county abbreviations  Idaho County List and Map 



we are sure there may be many other loging programs out there that work,  but trying to test and get input is a bit difficult.
but we know the two listed above work !

Others   we've been told of

GENLOG says they support the Idaho state QSO party, however (this is untested by us). and it might be free ??
their web page is somewhat confusing to me.

TR4W ??????????? (this is untested by us)
A custom configuration supporting IDQP will be available by the 2013  IDQP.
73, Howie N4AF  

NOTE as of Jan 2015:  the  IDQP judge,  looked in the TR4W reference manual, it shows
that it supports a huge number of Contests / QSO Parties, but not Idaho
(Not sure if itís an error in the manual or if N4AF just didnít add IDQP).???       

There maybe more loggers out there,  sorry if we left your product out, 

anyone with more input please    Email us at    idahoqso@gmail.com  with suggestions, TNX !!!