A.     Entries must be received (or postmarked for mailed in logs) no later than 10 (TEN) days after
the end of the contest. All entrants are encouraged to submit their logs via e-mail.
The acceptable file format for e-mail logs is Cabrillo, ADIF, or Excel spreadsheet.

       Note: this doesn't have to be confusing. its only confusing because we've tried to accommodate every possibility.
 If you use widely available logging software this is "a no brainier"  make a Cabrillo file and email it to us.

1)    E-Mail. submit contest logs to
E-mailed logs should have your call sign on the subject line, & attach your log 
The log file should follow conventional naming standards:  Example:  WAXYZ.LOG   or  .ADI
Please put your CALL on the SUBJECT line


2)   Paper Logs. Less than 10 QSOs, PLEASE!  
Standard log sheets are available at this LINK.  Mail them to
Magic Valley Amateur Radio Club - IDQP Logs
PO Box 5892
Twin Falls, ID.  83303

            ALL Logs must indicate band, mode, date, time in UTC, calls, sent and received exchange.



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