Field Day  June 25 ,,, THIS  SATURDAY

Starting around 11AM Saturday,
for antenna setup and getting ready.
Location: Heritage Park..  
driving directions are down the page

FIELD DAY DINNER :    5PM,,  don't be late !!  
The club will provide fried chicken.  The club will
also provide the paper goods [plates, eating utensils, napkins, etc].

We are asking everyone to bring a salad, side dish, or dessert to share. 
Please bring serving utensils appropriate for what you bring !!   
Please BYOD [bring your own drink]!

IF you haven't signed up for the dinner, and want to attend,   we request you contact
Dick  WA7VKE  at  Let him know your coming,
so he can get enough chicken for everyone.. we want enough but NOT TOOOOO much ..  QSL?
or if you have questions about dinner contact dick ..  

Here's who's on the dinner list so far,
Rhett ND7O - 2
Craig K4TCO -2
Scott KJ7CZY - 1
Beverly & Elborn - 2
Mike WB7DNU -2
Frymire's KM5F -2
Bill KI6HOG -2
John kip -2
Dick WA7VKE  -2
KR7W & WT7N -2
KC7LCQ  Doyle -2
KC7MVR Marie  -2
K7CF -1
N7NGE - 2
KK7EMZ - 2
KE7RIP - 5


VERY IMPORTANT,,    We will need chairs and tables,    Card tables work ...
we are dining on a cement slab under a covered roof,   so folding chairs would work, or
lawn chairs,,    if you have any of these,  please bring a few along.  Especially for dinner.



I think we have covered Dinner ?,  NOW ONTO RADIOS and other REQUESTS 

First ,  Field Day is open to everyone that is interested in Amateur Radio.
You Do Not need to be a member to attend and operate a radio.

We will have our tower trailer and a radio supplied by the club,   AND we REQUEST
if you want to bring your HF radio,  Portable antenna systems,   any Solar and emergency power
systems. Or other radio stuff to show off, BRING IT..  
a bit of show and tell is always great fun. 
The more radios the better,   We Do Not need generators.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS      call or email  k0ip  251-6441  or

The PARC Field Day is not a Dog Eat Dog contest, but a chance to make new friends, meet our
members. HOB KNOB, and Just have a little Ham Radio fun in the process.    I wonder how to spell HOB KNOB ??

NOW how to get there,,, 
Directions to field day,  
Getting there is easy,!!,   go to CHUBBUCK RD
head WEST.   Go To   Independence Ave .. 
TURN RIGHT,  ,  go to Pennsylvania,
Turn Left  ,, YOUR THERE,    click here for google maps


Note:  I'm sure I forgot something ?? but what,   again JUNE 25